Providing Success

Fred Wagner Consulting is about showing individuals, groups and businesses how to become more aware of their powers, abilities and perfection through the facilitation and continued application of the Thinking Into Results program  

More About Fred

Fred is a Thinking Into Results Consultant with the Proctor Gallagher Institute. 

Fred works with individuals, groups and businesses by guiding them in identifying their true wants as well as setting and achieving goals beyond their previous experience. Fred has been studying and applying personal growth to his own life personally, professionally for many years and is excited about turning his passion and experience into your success. Fred Wagner Consulting focuses on ensuring the success mind set becomes a part of every clients thinking and actions giving them the results they want most in life.  

Born and raised on Long Island, Fred moved to Utah in the late 80’s. He currently resides in South Ogden, Utah.  Through the past 42 years, Fred has risen to the challenge to meet his goals and expectations. From a cook on the east end of Long Island to a career with Fedex, national awards with Stanley Steemer, and as the international project manager for Hydro Engineering for the past 14 years.  

When Fred started working with a mentor, Jim Woodard, in ’98, he started to study how to set  goals and became proficient at visioning, strategies and goal setting.  When Fred was introduced to Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher, his life changed dramatically.

Fred has now realized that his accomplishments were goals that he knew he could attain. With a good strategy, some stretching, and lots of action, his goals can be accomplished. Fred continues to challenge himself with loftier goals and a future full of growth; goals that excite and motivate him at the same time, while sharing how to do this with you.