This is Fred Wagner.  I trust this message finds you well.

If you are receiving this message, you had received communications from my blog associated with my website. www.fjwinc.com

I appreciate that you had previously read my blog and hadn’t yet unsubscribed me. As I have taken some time to work on myself.  How can I suggest this to others and not do it for myself.

Now that I have been increasing my success in life and business, I am using my process to go from this new set point to even higher levels of success. Earl Nightingale summarized success as the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.  What is your worthy ideal?

If you choose to keep accepting my blog, which I am grateful for and want to always leave you with a feeling of increase, you are encouraged to participate and provide feedback.

Let me know how you feel about a topic or comment, whether you appreciate me being brief and to the point or if you want further clarification on an article or comment.  What is it I can do to make the material stand out, keep you engaged and benefit your success?


The information I will be presenting is simple, practical, and relevant.  My intention is to ensure the success mindset is a part of every person’s thinking, beliefs and actions giving you the results you desire most in life. Are you getting the results you want?

The materials and lessons presented are not new as a matter of fact they have been around and been used for centuries. As we study and apply success principles you will see that the laws, we follow are the laws of life and the universe. Since man did not create these laws, man cannot change them.  We get to practice ways of applying them.  Some of the universal laws are Vibration or Attraction, Compensation, Receiving, Sacrifice, Supply and Thinking.


Let me know if you have a goal or goals, is it a worthwhile goal?  One that is currently beyond your reach, one that gets you excited in the morning, where you get out of bed and are enthusiastic about taking action towards the attainment of your goal.

Have you created a clear and specific goal?  Then visualize your goal completed, with feeling and emotion. Do you have a plan of action?  Then you have to take action followed by faith and belief in the attainment of your goal.  Are you grateful for your progress and completion of your goal?

Are your thoughts and habits on the same frequency of your goal?


Wishing You The Best Day Ever.


Fred Wagner