The Winner’s Image

THE WINNER’S IMAGE “When the dream is big enough, the facts don’t matter.” Sam Kalenuik “Don’t give me the facts; give me the truth. The facts are always changing.” Patricia Shambrook The facts have never stood in the way of the WINNER. The WINNER is the dreamer who understands how to turn their dreams into reality, and, in so doing, they create a better, more beautiful world for everyone. The facts may be real, they could represent strong opposition … nevertheless, the facts don’t matter to the winner, that person who holds in their heart a splendid image of their dream. Throughout the ages, the WINNERS have referred to a place within each of us called the higher self, where an image of perfection exists that is continually attempting to express itself. This higher self persistently sends stimulating and upbeat messages to our consciousness that protect our integrity and wholeness as creative beings. Messages coming from the heart always completely disregard the facts or surrounding circumstances in our lives. Unfortunately, ninety-nine out of every one hundred people misread the signals they constantly receive. Rather than viewing these images with their inner eye of understanding and seeing them as truly unique pictures packed with power, possibility, and promise, these images are considered idle wishes, ridiculous fantasies, or daydreams. Below is a picture of me accepting the Outstanding Commercial Sales Award from Wes Bates, the owner of Stanley Steemer, and John Pucci the Director of Operations. This was my first sales job, my first year with the company, and I was told that this award was impossible for me to win as a rookie. I decided that the award was mine before I set out to accomplish my goal. There is more to come on the success principles used to accomplish this goal and many others. Are you interested in learning how to go from one major accomplishment to another? Individually or as a workgroup?

Always wishing you the best day ever!!!!